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September 2018

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 Complaint about Allison as mod.

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PostSubject: Complaint about Allison as mod.   Wed May 25, 2011 3:42 pm

Due to Anger Induced Anal Hemorrhaging (butthurt), Chocobo was physically unable to make this complaint. I figured i would take the initiative to make it for him.

chocobo (3:51:24 PM): you dumb bitch ﷯ banning anons in 60 seconds ?
chocobo (3:51:30 PM): you didnt even give me 10 seconds
allison (3:52:39 PM): I gave all anons 4min
chocobo (3:52:56 PM): i just entered the butterscotchery chat
chocobo (3:53:02 PM): how am i meant to know that ?
allison (3:53:09 PM): Im sorry to hear that.
chocobo (3:54:33 PM): Thats all i get im ban unfairly and thats what i ge
chocobo (3:54:36 PM): Get*
allison (3:54:58 PM): What would you have me do?
chocobo (3:55:05 PM): HERP DERP
chocobo (3:55:23 PM): Do not be so autistic ﷯
chocobo (3:55:57 PM): Pretty simple use your brain stop being a dumb Shrimp and banning 90% of your chat ﷯
chocobo (3:55:58 PM): herp derp
chocobo (3:55:59 PM): derp ﷯
chocobo (3:56:04 PM): butterscotchery moron
chocobo (3:58:30 PM): Why did you feel the need to post that in dubhappy ﷯ pms arnt private anymore huh dyke ﷯
allison (3:59:34 PM): Dearie, there is no need to get worked up.
chocobo (4:00:25 PM): i have a perfectly good reason for it ﷯ you are ruining dubhappy banning people for no reason Plus i was worked up before i started on you ﷯
allison (4:01:03 PM): Im ruining it huh?
chocobo (4:02:59 PM): Pretty much Alot of those anons you just ban probably dont even watch anime they are just chat hoppers and you just ban 8 of them those are 8 people who probably will not return thanks to your ignorant ass >Very Happy
allison (4:06:52 PM): I didnt want to ban them, i just wanted them to make an account
chocobo (4:07:28 PM): But you did ban them ﷯
chocobo (4:07:38 PM): You "DID"
chocobo (4:07:39 PM): ﷯
chocobo (4:07:51 PM): face the facts people are not gonna make accounts as you want them too
chocobo (4:07:59 PM): most already own an account such as mysel
chocobo (4:08:09 PM): some people prefer being an anon ﷯
chocobo (4:08:17 PM): and you will kill the chat if you keep banning them
allison (4:09:40 PM): Im sorry you feel that way.
chocobo (4:12:22 PM): Who ever made you a mod is a massive COCK ﷯ im guessing its sama you know how he loves himself some e-love from those e-girls ﷯ eh eh eh eh ? RIGHT and i dont feel that way e.e 80% of the people you are banning do but aslong as you are mod i wont chat there or i might get ban for Typing in caps or spelling something incorrectly ﷯ eh eh eh ? butterscotchery think on your actions or continue and watch the site just fail and die slow like it is already YEAAAAAAAH
allison (4:15:13 PM): IM looking at the chat right now, its fine.
allison (4:15:43 PM): People in there were praising me for banning the anons.
chocobo (4:15:46 PM): it is not fine you are missing 5 very chatty anons ﷯
chocobo (4:15:54 PM): oh so thats alright is it ?
chocobo (4:16:03 PM): i also recall 3 people saying it was mean
chocobo (4:16:05 PM): and wrong
chocobo (4:16:05 PM): :/
chocobo (4:16:21 PM): And banning anons and getting praise arnt you special
allison (4:16:30 PM): My actions were completely justifiable.
chocobo (4:16:34 PM): of course the other dh and troll fags are gonna praise you ﷯
chocobo (4:16:40 PM): no thats the thing
chocobo (4:16:42 PM): they wern
chocobo (4:16:49 PM): you ban them because they didnt do what you wanted them to do
chocobo (4:17:05 PM): you were throwing your power around and being a bitch ass mod
allison (4:17:07 PM): It was a simple request, they refused to listen.
chocobo (4:17:10 PM): do this or get ban
chocobo (4:17:13 PM): 60 seconds
chocobo (4:17:14 PM): ban
chocobo (4:17:45 PM): no a request does not involve being threatened ﷯
chocobo (4:17:52 PM): Do this or be ban
chocobo (4:17:55 PM): is pure power abuse
chocobo (4:17:55 PM): :/
chocobo (4:18:02 PM): they were not breaking any rules at all
chocobo (4:18:09 PM): i dont see no anons listed anywhere
chocobo (4:18:16 PM): so really you were just power abusing
chocobo (4:18:26 PM): well done on that though thats one thing you do correctly
allison (4:19:35 PM): It wasnt a threat, it was a guarantee.
chocobo (4:21:15 PM): no it was a threat regardless of what your brain may think it was a threat " make an account or be ban" its sorta liek saying do this or be beaten or punished
chocobo (4:21:46 PM): it was a threat do not say it wasnt you failed as a mod and ai thought you were more intelligent then this e.e i miss judged you ﷯
allison (4:21:47 PM): Life's a bitch.
chocobo (4:23:04 PM): And so are you
allison (4:24:08 PM): That was uncalled for.
chocobo (4:24:23 PM): not really your actions today were rather bitchy
chocobo (4:24:28 PM): just saying o.o
allison (4:24:54 PM): Todays actions were needed.
chocobo (4:25:04 PM): no they wernt ﷯
chocobo (4:25:13 PM): you now got another 5 anons in that chat
chocobo (4:25:16 PM): they wont stop coming
chocobo (4:25:39 PM): and they wont listen to some hyped up 19 year old female on the internet with a power hungry ban hammer
allison (4:27:23 PM): If they dont listen, they will be put in timeout. Just as you where.
chocobo (4:27:36 PM): Right a time out
chocobo (4:27:47 PM): you do know they still wont listen and they will probably not return
chocobo (4:27:53 PM): in that time out ﷯
chocobo (4:28:00 PM): so you will lose them regardless
allison (4:29:06 PM): Thats a gain in my book.
chocobo (4:29:38 PM): i dont think you get it :/
chocobo (4:29:46 PM): losing hits =sama losing money
chocobo (4:30:01 PM): you are ruining it for sama noone else
allison (4:30:04 PM): Thats not my issue.
chocobo (4:30:11 PM): it is
chocobo (4:30:17 PM): it all goes back to sama :/
chocobo (4:30:38 PM): and once he sees that his money has dropped by like $40 dollars in the last month
chocobo (4:30:51 PM): he will start to question ﷯
chocobo (4:31:09 PM): you gotta think about everything you cant just make the chat to how you like it
allison (4:32:37 PM): Not my issue.
chocobo (4:33:33 PM): You are an awful person ﷯
allison (4:33:54 PM): Im sorry you feel that way.
chocobo (4:33:54 PM): Awful ignorant silly little girl playing mod on samas chat :}

End Complaint.
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PostSubject: lolz   Wed May 25, 2011 7:49 pm

ha ha i thought the whole thing was funny!


If u got power u should use it.
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PostSubject: Re: Complaint about Allison as mod.   Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:34 pm

I love you Allison, have my non-existent children
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PostSubject: Re: Complaint about Allison as mod.   Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:52 pm

Oldfags should rule the site,simple as that.
p.s is not an oldfag afro
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PostSubject: Re: Complaint about Allison as mod.   Wed May 09, 2012 3:45 pm

oh man, almost forgot about word bans, this thread 2 legit

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PostSubject: Re: Complaint about Allison as mod.   

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Complaint about Allison as mod.
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