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Name: Shao Kahn
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PostSubject: trolololol   trolololol EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 7:56 pm

oldkingcoal =.=
20:28 *** Namedown joined #dfosource
20:29 Momohana pigs
20:29 oldkingcoal ?
20:29 oldkingcoal taste great?
20:31 Namedown Disgusting.
20:31 oldkingcoal how so? bacon is awesome
20:31 oldkingcoal so is ham
20:32 Namedown Define awesome.
20:32 oldkingcoal taste great?
20:32 Namedown Words of wisdom. All that tastes great is not awesome.
20:32 oldkingcoal proof or gtfo
20:33 oldkingcoal all good tasting food is awesome or >
20:33 Namedown The jungle.
20:33 oldkingcoal null and void
20:33 Namedown So if it tastes good, but was prepped horribly and you got ill from it later.
20:33 Namedown It's still awesome because it tasted good?
20:33 oldkingcoal still awesome, the outcome however is not awesome
20:34 oldkingcoal like guitars are awesome, but do not become not awesome simply because someone was killed with a guitar.
20:34 oldkingcoal logic
20:34 Namedown That was straw man logic.
20:35 Namedown Because you're implicating an action. Based on more than just the food itself.
20:35 oldkingcoal pffft
20:35 Namedown But have fun with the mouse feces though
20:35 oldkingcoal dont over state it
20:35 Namedown cause they taste good amirite?
20:35 oldkingcoal YUP
20:35 oldkingcoal action doesnt dictate the item in question
20:36 Namedown Ok, in that case, if a berry tasted good, from the wild. Untampered by humans.
20:36 Namedown And you end up DYING from the illness it bears.
20:36 Namedown Totally awesome.
20:36 Namedown madfat.
20:36 oldkingcoal its still doesnt keep it from tasting awesome, therefor being awesome, however dieing from it is not awesome
20:37 oldkingcoal dieing from it doesnt make it less awesome
20:37 oldkingcoal logic
20:37 Namedown Sorry your logic sucks.
20:37 Namedown Nyorn~n
20:37 oldkingcoal lmao, My arguement makes perfect sense, your just refusing to see reason
20:38 Momohana wow really
20:38 oldkingcoal action following the use of an item doesnt dictate the quality of the item unless the item itself was not in proper function
20:38 oldkingcoal example
20:39 oldkingcoal item does not work or does not provide normal results one would expect to obtain/gain from said item
20:39 oldkingcoal applying this to food theory
20:40 Namedown inb4walloftextbutthingis.
20:40 Namedown no1curr
20:40 oldkingcoal food tastes good and is awesome, but ingestion of food causes death, BUT if ingested while KNOWING it causes death the item isnt dysfuctional, as death would logically be the intended use amiright?
20:40 Namedown Called it.
20:40 oldkingcoal therefor said food item retains awesomeness
20:41 oldkingcoal lol
20:41 oldkingcoal failtrolling your route tactic?
20:41 oldkingcoal inb4 imnotflaming
20:41 oldkingcoal see i can do it too
20:41 oldkingcoal :3
20:42 Namedown -

lul iwin

trolololol Hskq4h
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Name: Fuhrer Otaku
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PostSubject: Re: trolololol   trolololol EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 9:47 pm


trolololol Deadbob13

The bird of Hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame.
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Name: Allikraken
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PostSubject: Re: trolololol   trolololol EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 8:54 pm

Why are all yall posting all these stupid and lengthy PM conversations. They arent even remotely funny.
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PostSubject: Re: trolololol   trolololol Empty

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