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 Detective Conan/Case Closed and why you should watch it!

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PostSubject: Detective Conan/Case Closed and why you should watch it!   Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:39 pm

Outside of this topic and maybe a signature I'm done with doing these types of posts as it'll become spammy if I continue it.

But if I can get a single person to try the series, mission accomplished as far as I'm concerned. Cool

So, I should try to fully explain why it's my favorite anime ever and general info on why it's awesome (but that's kinda difficult as at least one major reason why the series is awesome would be a major spoiler if I even attempted to explain). That would help.

1. It is one of the longest running anime in Japan, and one of its most popular. It's always in the top 10 anime ratings every week it airs and nowadays is usually in the top 5, sometimes getting better ratings than One Piece and Dragonball Kai (which is the Japanese equivalent (ratings-wise at least) of beating a new Spongebob episode). Detective Conan It's also (unless I'm missing something) the longest running anime to have an actual worth mentioning plot.

2. The ridiculous amount of cases created from the mind of a single person is truly astounding. The Phoenix Wright games combined have about 20-25 cases (although most are definitely longer than Conan cases). This series has 250+ cases. And the amount of creative ways shown to murder someone is amazing...if kinda creepy. Plus, the plot, while slow, is also great. It is often building towards the ultimate goals of the main character to find the evil syndicate that turned him into a kid among other things. And the payoff to some of the arcs is some of the most fun I've had watching any show. Damn near everyone's response to the climax of one particular arc is just "HOLY @#$% THAT'S AMAZING", and one person even said that single part of the series was like all the plot twists in Monster combined. I'll say something controversial and say that about once per arc (maybe more) it beats the Aizen plot twist at the end of Bleach's soul society arc (and that plot twist was amazing).

3. The sound is simply beautiful. The main reason I suggest the anime instead of the manga (well that and the horrible scanlations for much of the middle of the manga) is because of the soundtrack and voice acting. The soundtrack has a great detective-feel to it with jazz and noir and all that awesome crap. But it is also incredibly catchy music, to the point that I admit I occasionally hum the music. Not to mention the OPs and EDs (a couple of them being done by B'z. B'z has done a show (I want to say during the Olympics) with AEROSMITH and have a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in case you want to know why that's awesome).

The voice acting is amazing too. Basically this is the reason why I believe Detective Conan the only anime that I believe couldn't ever get a dub even close to as good as the original. Just as an example: The main character's voice alone has such an incredible range (if I'm using the term "range" correctly for voice acting at least) that quite a few people I've met thought there were 2 voice actors voicing him (which actually did happen in the dub).

4. It has something for everyone. It has drama, adventure, murder (and how!), mystery, suspense, romance, comedy, tragedy etc. You want plots that goes on for a looooong time? It has that. You want short stories that only last an episode or 2? It has that too, without really hurting the long term stories. Are you someone that wants to watch a ton of anime, especially all in the same series? HERE'S YOUR ANIME. You want to avoid filler? I can tell you what is/isn't filler and altogether you skip 150+ episodes, 14+ movies etc. And I know a great place that has all the episodes that you can either watch on Megavideo or download on Megadownload.
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PostSubject: Re: Detective Conan/Case Closed and why you should watch it!   Fri Apr 08, 2011 5:53 pm

Lemme just start off by saying in the case of this anime if you want to experience to the best of its potential you should watch it with the japanese subs. I personally watch the first 20 episodes in english dub first but then switch over to japanese (not only because the dubs are only at the 100's) because the voice acting pulls you in more than the english version does. Unlike with fma and dbz this anime is more superb in its japanese version.In some episodes in english they even change the musics and cut dialogue. There are numerous websites where you can view the japanese subs. Also forgot to mention that there are 600+ episodes so waiting for the english dubs would take forever and i watch them all and if you think you'll get bored you be sadly mistaken(well some episodes are repetitive). And yes i do agree that this anime is great if it started in the 1900's and still running today to me its the best anime ever so it is worth a watch.
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Name: Shao Kahn
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PostSubject: Re: Detective Conan/Case Closed and why you should watch it!   Sat Apr 09, 2011 12:03 am

Alright WOLF, IF THAT IS UR REAL NAME! we already said why we haven't added case closed yet in another thread, but to reiterate, its super long, take way to long to catch up with the manpower we have atm, ect and so on. In order to even think about putting a dent in that series we'd have to drop the ball on several other ongoing show's and atm that's not something were looking at, but in the future if we get more uploaders, or just get generally caught up, well try to start it up.

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PostSubject: =    Sat Apr 09, 2011 12:47 pm

That and Funimation hates us..


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PostSubject: Re: Detective Conan/Case Closed and why you should watch it!   

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Detective Conan/Case Closed and why you should watch it!
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