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 Lpedy Chronicles

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Name: Fuhrer Otaku
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Lpedy Chronicles Left_bar_bleue9999/9999Lpedy Chronicles Empty_bar_bleue  (9999/9999)

Lpedy Chronicles Empty
PostSubject: Lpedy Chronicles   Lpedy Chronicles EmptyMon Aug 22, 2011 8:29 pm

lpedy (7/13/11 10:59:45 AM): tell me your an mod
lpedy (7/13/11 11:00:31 AM): hello, are you there?
crobar (11:01:05 AM): If you believe I'm a mod
crobar (11:01:10 AM): then I can be your mod
crobar (11:01:14 AM): ;]
lpedy (11:01:19 AM): srsly dude
lpedy (11:01:24 AM): i need a fcking mod
lpedy (11:01:31 AM): a mod that's not deadbob13

Lpedy was then directed to believe BontaKunFumoffu was a mod.

lpedy (7/13/11 11:03:02 AM): i need you help with two things
bontakunfumoffu (11:03:42 AM): What would that be?
lpedy (11:03:50 AM): unban me
lpedy (11:03:55 AM): and ban deadbob13 for life
lpedy (11:03:58 AM): reason?
lpedy (11:04:08 AM): he baned me, becus i spoked on tha chat
bontakunfumoffu (11:04:31 AM): Hmm, well I think I have to take that to the higher ups and get their opinion.
lpedy (11:04:43 AM): -.-
bontakunfumoffu (11:05:06 AM): So what exactly were you banned for?
lpedy (11:05:21 AM): cus i just said something in the chat
lpedy (11:05:26 AM): was not a cursing word
lpedy (11:05:28 AM): or anything
lpedy (11:05:35 AM): i just simply said damn
bontakunfumoffu (11:05:57 AM): Saying something in the chat? The fuck is wrong with you?
bontakunfumoffu (11:06:01 AM): You deserve to be banned.
bontakunfumoffu (11:06:06 AM): Deadbob13 did us all a favor.
lpedy (11:06:17 AM): WHAT
bontakunfumoffu (11:06:51 AM): If you want, you can take it up with BlazingWrath.
bontakunfumoffu (11:06:54 AM): He's another mod.
lpedy (11:10:42 AM): you are no help
lpedy (11:10:48 AM): there's just one guy i trust
lpedy (11:10:54 AM): diseases

blazingwrath (11:11:45 AM): I know a guy who can help
blazingwrath (11:11:52 AM): 10MBM
lpedy (11:12:02 AM): is he on?
blazingwrath (11:12:05 AM): Yeah he is

lpedy (7/13/11 11:12:22 AM): gone so many now
lpedy (7/13/11 11:12:33 AM): so i don't know what to say or who to trust
lpedy (7/13/11 11:12:54 AM): but i got sent here by someone becus you can help me with banning deadbob13
10mbm (11:14:24 AM): Bob bannedyou for a reason
lpedy (11:14:33 AM): ye
10mbm (11:14:39 AM): This reason is
lpedy (11:14:40 AM): the reason was becus i spoked in the chat
10mbm (11:14:45 AM): How dare y
10mbm (11:14:47 AM): you*
10mbm (11:14:54 AM): you dont speak in the chat
lpedy (11:14:55 AM): -.-
10mbm (11:14:56 AM): thats bad
lpedy (11:14:59 AM): dude
lpedy (11:15:04 AM): not in the mood
10mbm (11:15:21 AM): dood
10mbm (11:15:25 AM): You were banned
10mbm (11:15:27 AM): deal with it
lpedy (11:15:29 AM): if you keep saying like deadbob does
lpedy (11:15:39 AM): i'll start fucking you for life
10mbm (11:15:41 AM): Deadbob is a mod
10mbm (11:15:42 AM): D
lpedy (11:15:42 AM): GET THTAT
10mbm (11:16:10 AM): Kewl story
10mbm (11:16:14 AM): wanna cry more?
lpedy (11:16:37 AM): got a message from one of your pals
lpedy (11:16:51 AM): he says he's gonna kick your ass and ban you irl
10mbm (11:16:56 AM): Kewl story
lpedy (11:16:59 AM): if you wanna know who, then it is diseases
10mbm (11:17:33 AM): Wanna cry some
10mbm (11:18:28 AM): So
10mbm (11:18:34 AM): Stop being 12
10mbm (11:18:35 AM): homo
lpedy (11:18:43 AM): who's the homo?
lpedy (11:18:49 AM): can't see anyone

lpedy (11:20:08 AM): he's no help at all dude
lpedy (11:20:20 AM): he calls me homo, and asks me if i wanna cry some
blazingwrath (11:22:23 AM): Well I know nobody else
lpedy (11:22:50 AM): i'm jsut so fucking tired of this

diseases (13/7/11 4:18:13 PM): if he dnt do as i say
lpedy (13/7/11 4:18:18 PM): he will jsut say same again
lpedy (13/7/11 4:19:10 PM): and he just called me homo
diseases (13/7/11 4:19:15 PM): just do it trust

Note: It is implied that in this conversation that Diseases had said something about wanting to beat up 10MBM, and was played out in a future conversation between Lpedy and 10. This footage has been lost.

10mbm (11:20:27 AM): He's shitting you
lpedy (11:26:51 AM): none of you fucking homoassholes are to help
lpedy (11:26:55 AM): you see my problem
10mbm (11:27:02 AM): I am here to help
10mbm (11:27:06 AM): You just don't get it
lpedy (11:27:10 AM): and you just get together and try to fool me with saying that he is a mod
lpedy (11:27:13 AM): no he's a mod
lpedy (11:27:24 AM): what do i not get
10mbm (11:27:25 AM): Yes he is
lpedy (11:27:32 AM): you call me homo
10mbm (11:28:10 AM): So?
lpedy (11:28:17 AM): I'M NO FUCKING HOMO
lpedy (11:28:25 AM): and just to be clear
lpedy (11:28:37 AM): i got nothing against homos or lesbians or bisexuals
lpedy (11:28:45 AM): jsut saying i'm not any of that
10mbm (11:30:06 AM): yes you do
10mbm (11:30:09 AM): You called me a hom
10mbm (11:30:12 AM): homo*
10mbm (11:30:14 AM): YOu hate them
lpedy (11:30:24 AM): i call you one cus you called me one
10mbm (11:31:39 AM): So?
10mbm (11:31:41 AM): You hate them
10mbm (11:31:46 AM): You shoud kill yourself
lpedy (11:32:06 AM): i should kill you
10mbm (11:32:17 AM): Kewl story
10mbm (11:32:25 AM): But you should kill youreslf
10mbm (11:32:28 AM): hating homos
10mbm (11:32:30 AM): and niggers
lpedy (11:32:43 AM): now you are lieng aswell
10mbm (11:32:51 AM): I'm not lying
10mbm (11:32:52 AM): you are
lpedy (11:32:53 AM): i never said anyhting about colored ppl
10mbm (11:32:58 AM): You should feel bad about hating stupid niggers
lpedy (11:33:14 AM): one of my all tiem favorit actors is black
lpedy (11:33:16 AM): Will Smith
lpedy (11:33:20 AM): ever heard abou thim
10mbm (11:33:35 AM): nope
10mbm (11:33:38 AM): Nigger hater
10mbm (11:34:26 AM): hating homos and niggers
10mbm (11:34:29 AM): how low can you get
11:34:29 AM: lpedy has logged out

qubeley (11:39:18 AM): Seriously dude, why do you do hate black people?
11:40:59 AM: lpedy has logged out

lpedy (11:40:18 AM): and can you then tell everyoine elles i'm not gay
lpedy (11:40:23 AM): i don't hate homos
lpedy (11:40:27 AM): i don't hate black ppl
itachi6660 (11:40:27 AM): Well, that's kind of a problem.
itachi6660 (11:40:37 AM): Because, we've seen the statistics,
itachi6660 (11:40:40 AM): and it's true.
lpedy (11:40:42 AM): cus this is a lie made by ppl such as 10mbm
itachi6660 (11:40:53 AM): You might now know that you hate black people and homos and you are not gay,
itachi6660 (11:41:28 AM): but we've shown your results to the cyber scientists and they have proven that you do infact have all those symptoms.
lpedy (11:41:30 AM): I GOT A FRIED THAT'S BLACK

lpedy (7/13/11 11:36:13 AM): fduck you
lpedy (7/13/11 11:36:39 AM): you are as much help as 10mbm or deadbob or even bontakun

crobar (11:48:55 AM): Thanks.
crobar (11:48:59 AM): I really appreciate that.
crobar (11:49:21 AM): But atleast I'm not a gay, homo and black people hater.
lpedy (11:50:42 AM): where does it say i am a gay, and that i hate black ppl and homos?
lpedy (11:50:51 AM): wher edoes it say i do and am that?
crobar (11:50:54 AM): The scientists have proven it.
lpedy (11:51:27 AM): and the are who?
lpedy (11:51:34 AM): prove me the report
crobar (11:51:41 AM): Mrs. Anita Dick has the reports
crobar (11:51:58 AM): I'll ask her to send it to me through fax
crobar (11:52:12 AM): and then I will type the report
crobar (11:52:18 AM): and send the txt file to you
crobar (11:55:11 AM): You know FuhrerOtaku?
crobar (11:55:18 AM): He might unban you.
crobar (11:55:25 AM): But only if you can do these 2 things
crobar (11:55:40 AM): admit to being gay, and admit that you hate on homosexuals and black people
crobar (11:55:42 AM): and also
lpedy (11:56:12 AM): dude
lpedy (11:56:21 AM): why should i admit something that's not true
crobar (11:56:21 AM): Agree to be put in a anti-racism and anti-homo hating trial to get you to stop hatin on people.
crobar (11:56:33 AM): There are people here that get offended by that
lpedy (11:56:41 AM): my very best friend
lpedy (11:56:46 AM): he's mom is homo
lpedy (11:56:55 AM): she has a relation ship with another woman
lpedy (11:57:02 AM): and my big brother?
lpedy (11:57:06 AM): he is fro mshrilanka
lpedy (11:57:11 AM): from*
lpedy (11:57:16 AM): shrilanka*
lpedy (11:57:26 AM): these are true facts
crobar (11:57:36 AM): Cool story bro

Lpedy Chronicles Deadbob13

The bird of Hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame.

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Lpedy Chronicles Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lpedy Chronicles   Lpedy Chronicles EmptyMon Aug 22, 2011 8:47 pm

People who hate niggers and homos disgust me.
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Lpedy Chronicles
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